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Rachel Lightfoot is a San Francisco Bay Area brand consultant, and business coach. She boasts nearly 10 years of experience in technology and entertainment industries and has spent the majority of her career at Google and YouTube working with top advertisers, YouTube superstars, and talent spotting for the world's most beloved and influential personalities.

Today, she's using her expertise to super-serve entrepreneurs, local businesses, and badass mom bosses. She teaches workshops, coaches women (and a few men!) 1:1, and gives motivational and educational keynotes around the world.

When she's not teaching other women to have it all she's chasing her two kids around her East Bay home, training to run (trot) local races, and practicing The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F---. Her personal branding elements include: bright colors, big teeth, and craft beer.


CATCHFOOT + RUN began simply: with the desire to pivot from making big brands BIGGER to helping small and medium businesses who really needed it survive in a crowded marketplace.

When she began moonlighting as a brand consultant in 2017, Rachel was teaching tech startups and female execs how to brand themselves based on what she'd taught clients at Google and YouTube. Surely, she thought, If Coca Cola could stand to improve their digital brand, then heck— so could everyone!

After almost a year of working with brilliant clients on her own, Rachel found there were often roadblocks between clients' goals and true success, and those blocks often had nothing to do with business. Now, she works closely with other lifestyle and wellness coaches to bring personal and professional fitness to her clients.


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