Your brand is whatever other people say it is. Does that scare you? It should.

These days, it's easier than ever to start a business. The Internet is beautiful and has made it possible to sell anything to anyone, from anyplace in the world— WHICH IS INCREDIBLE. However, this glorious tool also poses a huge challenge for business owners and entrepreneurs.

How will you stand out in such a busy marketplace?

The answer starts with storytelling. Every successful brand and business owner has one thing in common: they've masterfully shared their creation story with people, and those people became fans. From Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak dreaming up a computer company in their garage to Alli Webb, founder of Drybar whose empire began while blow drying her friends' hair during mom-group (listen to her incredible story here) —an inspiring or relatable story is what moves people into action (yeah— action like: clicking, following, buying, booking!). 

Rachel Lightfoot,  founder and Chief Consultant

Rachel Lightfoot, founder and Chief Consultant

Enter Rachel

So who am I? My clients and colleagues describe me as a Swiss Army knife. I began my career in children's entertainment. I've worked on magazines, in retail environments, at scrappy start-ups, and in some of the most massive companies in the world. My experience stretches far beyond sitting behind a laptop and I'm proud to say I've done just as many tough jobs as I have glamorous ones.

Given my diverse professional background, I have a unique and expansive world view that allows me to help my clients move beyond their owns bubbles and imagine their business from an outsider's perspective.

My personal life provides a wealth of experiences and pride, as well. I'm a self described "cool mom" living in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world— the San Francisco Bay Area. A California native, I've seen communities dissolve and flourish within my lifetime and am fascinated with the ebb and flow of our ecosystem. What works and why?

I enjoy drinking craft beer on sunny afternoons and spend most of my non-work time running my kids up and down the East Bay hillside.

In 2018, I quit my corporate job at Google to help business minded creatives (like you!) full-time. I employ little help but work with some other incredible brand builders and coaches. I enjoy learning how to systemize my very human business a bit more each day, and if you're curious about how I'm doing this, I'd love to chat about that too.


For businesses + entrepreneurs 

we can help if...

- If you have no idea how to harness social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube to tell your story...
- If you're sitting on a solid business that's at risk of getting crowded out by the competition... 
- If you're just starting your business (there is no better time to invest, because not knowing how to talk about your brand to investors, potential clients and customers will cost you time and money)...
- If you're part of a larger organization that needs internal branding or, er, humanizing...
- If you're a consultant, coach, or have an online business and are struggling to see for yourself how you'll stand out...


our Experience is derived from working with some of the biggest brands in the world

Working with Rachel was an absolute delight. Rachel’s whole heart is dedicated to the work she does with her clients and I am so grateful for the time she spent with me. Her personal approach, tailored advice, and step-by-step plan makes you feel like you are her most important client. I came to Rachel feeling insecure about my marketing approach and unsure of my brand. I left with a plan to set into action AND I saw results immediately. I am completely impressed with Rachel and trust her work enough to have recommended her to all of my closest friends. Thank you Rachel!

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